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You are passionate about beer and making excellent beer. But how can you do this when you have to focus on the legal challenges to deliver great beer and run your brewery?

That is where Beer Law HQ comes in.

Our team of seasoned beer subject matter experts and beer attorneys are passionate about helping breweries like yours navigate through the legal maze - from trademark and art label infringement to mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property.

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Protecting your brewery's brand/mark affords you legal rights, and it's a beneficial approach financially.

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Label Art Infringement / Intellectual Property

Avoid state and federal labeling infringement situations and protect your intellectual property, your most valuable asset.

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Exit Strategies

Gain a competitive advantage and develop appropriate due diligence and exit strategies for your brewery that can result in positive financial outcomes.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Represent buyers and sellers from document reviews, advise on tax implications on various transfer types, and due diligence to federal and state compliance and consultation relating to proper evaluation guidance.

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OSHA and Safety Management Plans

Evaluate your brewery's safety plans to avoid OSHA workplace safety standard violations and litigate any violations if required.

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TTB/CoLa Approvals

File your initial CoLA application in state and federal jurisdictions, and work with the TTB throughout the review process to minimize confusion.

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